The Aftermath Should be Concerning

Prognostication: Clinton will win and home grown terrorists will act. Not because of any great perfection or honesty on her part, but because of how terrible a person is Donald Trump.  John Kasich or Mitt Romney would have each beaten her handily. 

The aspect that really concerns me is the strong potential of armed lower middle and working class white men, who have formed the core of Trump’s support to initiate home grown attacks in retaliation for what they’ll believe is a stolen election. An election where their concerns around the lack of jobs and border security, most of which are valid, are once again being ignored by the media and the rest of the country.   
These people have strong and very valid concerns about the negative impact of terrible trade deals that kill jobs for non-college educated people in the U.S. and about the potential for Islamic radicals to commit acts of terrorism in the western world. They also have valid concerns about the dishonesty and power grabbing nature of Ms. Clinton.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that those feelings of discontent and abandonment will result in those same, highly armed people lashing out a la Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. 

Clinton Extends Lead Over Trump to 11 Points – The Wall Street Journal

To Each their Own: Business and Government Each Have their Roles

Terrible news for employees of the Carrier Air Conditioning Company in Indiana has spread all over the world, as this CNN Money article shows:

Two things that are getting lost in the debate over this situation:

1.  It’s well within the rights and responsibility of any business to its shareholders to attempt to maximize profits: to push things as far as possible within the confines of the law to obtain as much benefit for as little investment as possible.


The Poor And “Middle Class” Are Just a Revolving, Never-Ending Supply of Cheap Labor

The state of the economy for those who are not in the wealthiest 1% is continually debated by policy makers.  Meanwhile, those people without capital fall further and further behind.

In this Washington Post article, the reality of what’s hitting those in the lower and middle classes really hits home.  After reading this article, pundits bring calls for more government action, but nothing meaningful occurs due to the fact that those who make policy are significantly influenced by those in the upper 1%. Continue reading