The Poor And “Middle Class” Are Just a Revolving, Never-Ending Supply of Cheap Labor

The state of the economy for those who are not in the wealthiest 1% is continually debated by policy makers.  Meanwhile, those people without capital fall further and further behind.

In this Washington Post article, the reality of what’s hitting those in the lower and middle classes really hits home.  After reading this article, pundits bring calls for more government action, but nothing meaningful occurs due to the fact that those who make policy are significantly influenced by those in the upper 1%.

It is in the best interests of the 1% to keep things the way they are, providing enough for people to survive, but not to grow their financial independence, and thus their ability to break the shackles of their indentured servitude.  Or to even have their own children, as mentioned in the Post article.

Someone might say, “Oh, well that’s not accurate – even rich people realize that without a growing middle class, the market for the products that their companies created or invest in would be a hell of a lot less.”


You’ll see that a big push by those in the wealthy elite is to allow guest workers in to the United States and other wealthy “western” countries.  These guest workers would not have the rights or protections of citizens and could be deported as necessary.
What does this provide?  A cheap, unending supply of labor who are desperate to run to these more stable, less violent countries for a safer and better life than exists in their own home countries.  Even though these people would be stuck in virtual slavery, the ability to merely exist without living in fear of of the violence that pervades the lower classes in many countries (e.g. many in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc.) is more than enough to still bring them through perilous journeys to their “promised lands”.


At the end of the day, this situation results in a life where the working poor and shrinking middle class either have children and live in tenements, or forgo having offspring and live modestly.  Many of the rich may not specifically intend for this to be the result of policies that favor the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, but it is the result.  Here’s a news flash, the rich person’s average response is “So, What? Who cares?”.  This situation doesn’t affect them – they’ll always have a supply of cheap labor – so why bother changing things and implementing policies that can harm their financial status as a result.


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